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You can help us rehabilitate and rehome the horses

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A New Day / Volunteer Equine Advocates (VEA) is an all volunteer operated non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, neglected or abused equine in Tennessee. VEA's mission is:

•To assist law enforcement officers in Tennessee by providing care for equine seized during animal cruelty investigations
•Accepting custody of those seized equine to rehome after rehabilitation
•Provide assistance to equine owners in times of personal or natural disaster
•To provide education to the public on proper equine care

Volunteer Equine Advocates does not approve of any type of cruelty intentionally or negligently inflicted to any equine at any time. VEA does not approve of any training method that may intentionally or negligently cause physical or psychological harm during training or showing of equine. VEA also does not condone inhumane housing, transporting, or handling of equine at any time.